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"We can chat more in person...but I just wanted to let you know how impressed my family and I were with the show. I was not joking what I said the best I have ever seen. You have done a fabulous job and should be very proud of what you have created! The kids and I are very excited to continue on the FDC journey!"

- Stephanie W. 

"Hello. I just wanted to say the Dress Rehearsal and Recital were flawless! You guys did such an awesome job putting it together. Everyone was calm, friendly and helpful. Can't wait to start again in the Fall! Also, those dance Competition girls were so, so good! I could have watched them all day! 

"Megan F.

"So you know the old saying the grass isn't always greener on the other side....Well sometimes it is. I can't thank the staff at Footnotes Dance Centerenough for helping my kids find their love for dance again! It is such a fabulous Dance Center and for the first time in a long time I can't wait for recital. My kids have grown leaps and bounds this year"

- Stephanie W.


"Happpppy birthdayyyyyy miss Ashlee! You are an amazing woman who does amazing things. I can't vocalize enough how grateful I am to have you in my life and thank you for the things you do for me! You have really changed my life in the most positive way in the past two years. This may be my last year as a full time "dancer" at Footnotes, but I will always stop in for classes and I hope I can one day work for you! I love you so much and you aren't just an amazing dance teacher or dancer, you are a great friend and my inspiration. Love you, have a sparkling, relaxing day!"

- Blair K.


"Thank you for the most perfect introduction to dance Aliana could have had. She LOVES dance and can't wait to start in the fall... She wants to start tomorrow!"

- Holly S.


"The best part about the 2013 year was being a dancer at footnotes dance center. I have never met such kind, caring, loveable, crazy, funny girls until I came to Footnotes! The dance teachers are amazing and work hard at everything they do! Miss Ashlee has put together an amazing studio, family, and journey for me and all the other dancers at the studio. I have gotten amazing opportunities just in one year compared to my other 11 years or so of dancing. Footnotes has also made me fall sooooo much more in love with wanting to be a dance teacher!! Also the dance moms at the studio are amazing! Even though they may not be your blood related mom, they are always there for you! I could go on for hours saying how much this studio has changed my life in the most positive way but I will say one more thing. Dancing at Footnotes Dance Center is the best thing that happened to me in 2013. Thank you Miss Ashlee, all the amazing instructors, my dance friends/sisters, the dance moms and my parents for letting me take the long drive to this amazing studio! Excited for whats to come in 2014!!!"

- Blair K.


"Congratulations to all the teachers and students at Footnotes Dance Center on their first recital. I was there videotaping the show this afternoon and was blown away by the professionalism of everyone involved. We videotape a lot of dance recitals and yours was "top notch". The bonus "Backstage Highlight Reel" will be on everyone's DVD and we'll try to post it here as soon as we have it edited. Congrats again!"

- Rommie S.


"The recital was one of the best we've been to since Katie has been dancing. The choice of music was much better than in past years and the dancers  looked like they have been trained in proper technique - they appeared more polished and danced in unison for the most part!  Congratulations on a successful first recital!"

- Laura T.


"Just wanted to tell you that you did an amazing job!! Gabbi's technique has improved quite dramatically and it is definitely a result of you!! My husband loved the recital and honestly he normally is bored to tears...he stated he was engaged the whole time and thought the production was outstanding!! You should be so proud of your success!!"

- Alicia C.


"We have come so far this year, we've made history! We may be a new dance studio, but we are dynamic! Not only have our Competition Dance Company placed at competitions our 1st year, we also learned great technique from our amazing instructors. I love my dance sisters so much and don't know where I'd be without them! I also love my studio owner, friend and role model, Miss Ashlee for all the hard work she does for us and the studio. This has been an amazing year and I wouldn't want to re-do one minute of this dance season. I love my FDC family and I can't wait for next year!"

- Blair K.


"I'm so glad that you opened this studio! I haven't been this happy about dance in so long. I love how nice you, the other dancers and even the parents are towards me. Thank you so much!"

- Sophia B.


"I wanted to let you know that while I was waiting in line at Giant Eagle earlier this week, I overheard 3 young mothers talking about you and your dance studio. The one mother was telling the other two how much she thought things have improved since you are now running things and that she was very impressed with your instructors. She encouraged the others to look into enrolling their kids also. I do not know who the mom was but she was favorably impressed. I also know that a lot of people do not realize how hard it is to make everything come together and make a business go. Having also gone through the starting of a business, I thought you would like some positive feedback and to know that all of your hard work is appreciated. Congratulations and keep up the good work!"

- Annette H.


"From the moment I met you, I knew you could do it! Thank you for all the efforts and time! We are waiting for more to come...Congrats!"

- Stephanie P.

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