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Video Gallery 2013-2014

Choreography Rights

Under no circumstance is Footnotes Dance Center choreography of any kind, permitted on the Internet, performed or reproduced by anyone without written consent and or approval by Footnotes Dance Center. All choreography is the property of Footnotes Dance, LLC. Any unauthorized use of Footnotes Dance Center choreography is strictly prohibited.

Student Achievements

Lilah's 1st Aerial - October 8, 2013

Student Achievements

Lauren's 1st Aerial - January 14, 2014

Student Achievements

FDC Acro 3 Class - January 14, 2014

Student Achievements

Charlotte's 1st Aerial - January 21, 2014. Youngest student (7 years old) at FDC to achieve an aerial!

Student Achievements

Lilah's standing back handspring! - May 15, 2014

FDC 2014 Dress Rehearsal video highlights!

May 30, 2014

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